(A Simplified Example)

I am using ProBasic hull design software from New Wave Systems http://www.newavesys.com/ and QuickCAD from AutoDesk www3.autodesk.com to design the bulkheads, deckbeams, deck support structure, hatch recesses, and coaming.  The learning curve for both ProBasic and QuickCAD was pretty steep for me, but well worth the effort.

 For ease of displaying the drawings, all drawings here have been reproduced without dimensions.

Create Boat

In Pro Basic, I create a simple starting shape for a boat, given its principal dimensions.

Profile View

Plan View

Evaluate Views

  • Pro Basic, provides various views in which to refine the design
  • Side View
  • Plan View
  • Section View
  • 3D view

Section View

SS 3D View 0.gif (1388 bytes)3D View

Shape And Fair The Hull

  • By adding NURB surfaces and sections the hull is designed
  • Points in the NURB surfaces and sections can be moved with a mouse to shape the hull to your preference
SS side view.gif (1624 bytes)

Side View Faired

SS plan view.gif (2146 bytes)

Plan View Faired

SS section view.gif (2052 bytes)

Section View Faired

Calculate Hydrostatics

  • ProBasic will calculate the hydrostatics based  on the design and other input data
  • Results are displayed and will act as an aid for improving the design
SS design fill.gif (864 bytes)
  • Displacement ------------------- 180.00 lb.
  • Draft --------------------------------- 3.16 in
  • Length On Waterline --------- 189.37 in
  • Beam On Waterline ------------- 19.45 in
  • Prismatic Coefficient ------------- 0.5407
  • Distance to amidships -------- 111.00 in
  • Length Overall ------------------ 222.00 in

Develop panel (plate) layouts for S&G construction

  • ProBasic will output layout drawings and offset tables
  • Output files are in .dxf format for exchanging between CAD programs
  • I leave the cross section locations on the panels to mark where the deckbeams and bulkheads will be placed.
SS side panel layout.gif (1457 bytes)

Side Plate

SS bottom panel layout.gif (1460 bytes)

Bottom Plate

Develop Panel Offsets for S&G construction

  • Use QuickCAD to measure offsets at 6 inch intervals.
  • QuickCAD offsets will be used to loft design onto wood.
SS Side Panel Demsion.gif (4201 bytes)

Develop section layouts for S&G or Strip construction

  • ProBasic will output cross-section views of locations you define.
  • Output files are in .dxf format
SS all frames.gif (1593 bytes)

        Aft --- Cross Sections --- Forward

Design Side View With Deck

  • With QuickCAD, I created a side view of the kayak with the deck attached to the hull.
  • The side view was made from a .dxf file  imported from ProBasic.
SS SidecView.gif (1588 bytes)

Design Deck Support Structure

From the .dxf plan view file imported from ProBasic,  I design the support structure for the deck using QuickCAD

SS Deck Support.gif (2645 bytes)

Design The Coaming

With QuickCAD, I design the coaming.

SS Cockpit.gif (1507 bytes)

Design The Bulkheads and stations for S&G or Strip construction

In QuickCAD, I design bulkheads, strip stations and deckbeams from cross-section .dxf files imported from ProBasic.

Front Bulkhead or Stripping Station


SS Rear Bulkhead.gif (1089 bytes)

Rear Bulkhead or Stripping Station