Rear deckbeams

  • Deckbeams are installed to support rear deck

Bending jig for main deckbeam

  • Main deckbeam is laminated on a 10 inch radius

Main Deckbeam

  • Springback results in a 12 inch radius
  • Three pieces of 3mm Okoume are laminated
  • 6 oz cloth is sandwiched in between to strengthen deckbeam

VCP hatch recessing 1

  • (left) Recess made from 5/4 inch pine (notice drain hole)
  • (middle) Support plate made from 3mm Okoume
  • (right) VCP hatch rim

VCP hatch recessing 2

  • (left) Recess made from 5/4 inch pine
  • (middle) VCP rim is glued onto bottom of support plate

VCP hatch recessing 3

  • Support plate with VCP rim is glued to recess

VCP hatch recessing 4

  • Sections of the sheer clamps are removed

VCP hatch recessing 5

  • Recess assembly is glued in between the removed sheer clamp sections

Lighten Rear Deckbeams

  • Cut holes in deckbeams to reduce weigh

Install Main Deckbeams

  • Glue in main deckbeams
  • Used stringline to front bulkhead as a reference
  • Webbing clamps hold deckbeams in place

Front Deck Support

  • Used a stringer and two deckbeams where front deck transitions from curved to flat

Testing Deck Clamping Arrangement

  • Ratchet web clamps are used for curved area
  • Ring nails fasten deck to sheer clamps
  • Wood block is used to clamp flat area

Deck Section After Removing Clamps

  • Deck transition conforms to deck supports

Testing Coaming Fit

  • A cardboard mockup of the coaming is installed

Testing Overall Appearance

  • Cardboard is used to simulate deck for a look at how the boat will look when finished


Attaching Front Deck

  • Glued it in section
  • Section one - main deckbeams and front bulkhead
  • Used ratchet web clamps and 25 lb. bags of salt
  • Also used ring nails where needed

Attaching Front Deck

  • Section two - transition from curved to flat


Attaching Rear Deck

  • Used 25 lb bags of salt and strapping tape


Installing Coaming

  • Glued it in sections
  • Rim section was last

Finished Coaming

  • Used 4 mm Okoume and 4 oz. glass cloth for rim


Nearing Completion 

  • Trimmed deck with a black stripe of epoxy/graphite powder
  • Decided to change curved to flat section




Front Deck Modification

I decided to redo the section that changes shape from curved to flat.  Bending the plywood didn't turn out as well as I thought it would so I replaced the bend with three panels. 

Cutting away the transition section

  • Deck section is cut away with a hand saw.


Cutting continues

Trimming Frond Bulkhead

  • Front bulkhead is trimmed to accommodate the three replacement panels.


Center Panel Installed 

  • 3 mm center panel provides the transition from curved to flat


Sloping Panels Installed 

  • Panels installed using stitch and glue method.


Section Replaced 

  • Panels were covered with masking tape to prevent marring