Laying out panels on plywood

  • Patterns of panels are drawn on the Okoume plywood.
  • Used 2 inch cloth tape to join panels together.

Benny and Curry are bored with the layout process

Stitching the hull

  • Made temporary forms to shape hull

Holding the hull while stitching

  • Holding forms are made that conform to the hull shape

Butt joints are used to join the panels

  • I used 3 inch wide 4mm Okoume for the joints

Tab fillets in between wires

  • After tabs cured I removed the wires
  • Regular size fillets covered with glass tape are applied next

Bow and Stern are Tapered (Stern shown)

  • Designed blunt ends for bow and stern

Bow and Stern end plates (stern shown)

  • Installed end plates in lieu of running sheer clamps to ends

Hull seen from bow

  • Blunt end is tapered

End plates (Bow seen)

  • Front and rear bulkheads are installed prior to installing final fillets

Hull is sanded prior to glassing

Glassing the hull

  • One coat of clear epoxy is applied to six oz cloth
  • Four coats of epoxy mixed with graphite powder are applied to bottom

Epoxying the side panels

  • Four coats of clear epoxy are applied to side panels

Hull seen from bow

  • After glassing the hull

Hull is glassed