Cardboard Panels 1.gif (21998 bytes)

CuttingĀ  and joining panels from the design plans

  • Taped a strip of pine lengthwise to reinforce the side panel.
  • Used 2 inch cloth tape to join panels together.
Cardboard Ben Curry.gif (18082 bytes)

Supporting the panels

  • Supported model with 2 inch foam insulation forms.
Cardboard Frames 2.gif (16922 bytes)

Assembling the panels

  • Assembled panels and some frames (bulkheads).
  • Panels went together remarkably well.
Cardboard Frames.gif (19564 bytes)

Close-up of front under deck region

  • Curry wants to go paddling.

Finished full scale cardboard model

  • Decided side panels were to narrow at rear bulkhead.
  • Redesigned the hull to increase side panel width while maintaining the 6 inch depth from keel to rear of coaming.