Temporary Luan pieces are hot glued in place for:
Bulkheads and Spacer Frames and
Bow and Stern Top Plates

Hull panels are joined with butt joints
3mm Okoume - 3" wide


A view of the keel line

Hull panels are wired (stitched) together

Stitches are made at 3" intervals

Rocker is 1 1/4 " at bow and stern

Shims used to straighten keel line

Straightened keel line

Hull is checked for twist

Sighting bars leveled for twist checking

Fillets tacked between wire ties

After the fillet tacks are cured,
the wire stitches are removed,
and the fillets filled in.

Supports at rear & front bulkheads

    Wires removed, fillets filled in


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