26-Nov- 00


Cutout and assembled hull panels

03-Dec- 00


Wired Hull Panels

17-Dec- 00


Put  fillets in hull,  install real front and rear bulkheads, and tape seams

24-Dec- 00  
  Made and installed bow and stern plates, Filled external hull seams, epoxy 4oz cloth to hull
31-Dec- 00  
  Made and installed rear deckbeams, made laminated deckbeams, started VCP hatch
08-Jan- 01  
  Installed Front deckbeams, completed hatch assemblies, trimmed sheer clamps
15-Jan- 01  
  Installed stringers, reduced weight of VCP recesses, installed foot peg backing
22-Jan- 01  
  Epoxied inside hull members, started making a hidden deck fitting, started deck slope section
29-Jan- 01  
  Installed hidden deck fittings, finished deck slope section, started front & rear deck installation
05-Feb- 01  
  Shoveled snow, Installed front deck piece, made foam inserts,
12-Feb- 01  
  Installed rear deck, started installation of mid deck
19-Feb- 01  
  Finished mid deck installation, began building coaming
26-Feb- 01  
  Finished coaming, started sanding surfaces
05-Mar- 01  
  Trimmed and finished stems, applied two coats of epoxy to the deck
12-Mar- 01  
  Sanded hull and deck
2-Apr- 01  
  Applied inlay and striping
16-Apr- 01  
  Started varnishing
23-Apr- 01  
  Finished varnishing
16-Apr- 01  
  Outfitted kayak
04-Jun- 01  
  Launched SS II