The Sea Spirit is a low volume Hybrid built kayak

The shape, based on the West Greenland style, is innovative

It is intended to be paddled by experienced paddlers

Creating The Sea Spirit Is A Hobby For Me, And Not A Business

It will continue to be a work in progress.  The kayak turned out to be a well performing and fun boat.  I would like to share the design with others so I'm offering the plans for building it.

You may choose to alter the design to suit a specific need.  If the design is modified, the performance characteristics may change.  

The plans I feel are detailed enough for a boat builder who has built at least one stitch and glue kayak and/or has good wood working skills and constructed a strip built kayak.

It may not be possible to build the kayak using only hand and hand held power tools
I recommend that a table saw, drill press, and band saw be used for the complex pieces