Plans For Building The S&G Sea Spirit Are Available

The documentation is most suitable to the experienced wooden kayak builder.  The Sea Spirit is a low volume Stitch and Glue built kayak.  The shape, based on the West Greenland style, is innovative and intended to be paddled by experienced paddlers.  While it is a seaworthy kayak, it is best used as a day tripper boat, and is not very appropriate for camping or expeditions.  

Plans Include

Offset diagrams for the layout of hull patterns onto plywood

Scaled Drawings for Construction and Assembly Of:
Hull Panels, Deck Panels, Bulkheads, Deckbeams, Coaming, VCP Hatches
      Bow Stem, Stern Stem, Bow Plate, Stern Plate, Recessed Deck Fittings

Full Size Patterns for Coaming, Bow Plate, Stern Plate, Bottom Panel Bow and Stern areas
       (Patterns are on 2 B size (11 X 17) sheets that have to be joined by the builder)

A 25 page Guidebook of photographs and captions to aid in building and assembly

Plans Do Not Include

Details and procedures for general construction of a Stitch and Glue kayak
(Reference material for kayak construction is cited in the guidebook)