05-Aug- 02


Started Design of strip built Sea Spirit 17

16-Sep- 01


Made cove and bead strips 

23-Sep- 02


Started construction of strongback, Finished design

30-Sep- 02  
  Finished strongback, Started making section forms
07-Oct- 02  
  Started Assembling the section forms
21-Oct- 02  
  Started stripping the hull
18-Nov- 02  
  Finished stripping the hull
25-Nov- 02  
  Began fairing, filling, and sanding the hull
02-Dec- 02   
  Continued fairing, filling, and sanding the hull, Glassed the hull
09-Dec- 02  
  Removed hull from supports, started prep for stripping the deck
16-Dec- 02  
  Started stripping the deck
23-Dec- 02  
  Continued stripping the deck
30-Dec- 02  
  Continued stripping the deck
06-Jan- 03  
  Finished stripping the deck, Faired and glassed the deck outside, separated deck from hull
27-Jan- 03  
  Glassed the inside of the hull and deck
03-Feb- 03  
    Began building hatches
10-Feb- 03  
    Built deck support structure
 24-Feb- 03   
   Built hatch inserts, deck fitting blocks, and foam foot braces
03-Mar- 03   
  Attached deck to hull, finished up recessed hatches
03-Mar- 10  
  Made and installed coaming base
03-Mar- 17  
  Made and installed coaming rim
03-Mar- 24  
  Sanded and added a thin coat of epoxy, Started building seat
03-Mar- 31  
  Finished building seat
04-Apr- 07  
   Varnished the hull
04-Apr- 14  
  Varnished the deck
04-Apr- 21  
  Completed the outfitting