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Fiberglass Kayak Building


For those enthusiasts who want to build their own kayak, there are many different choices of materials and styles of boat. One option that may sound appealing is fiberglass kayak building. Fiberglass is a popular boat material because of its durability and resistance to rust. However, there are some drawbacks to fiberglass kayak building for the personal builder. To make fiberglass kayaks, you first have to make a mold of a kayak in the shape you want to use. This can be difficult; the mold has to be made out a material that will not be damaged when the hot fiberglass is put into it.

It is also time intensive to make a mold, so for making a single kayak for personal use this is not a good option. However, for those who might want to start a small business, building fiberglass kayaks would work. Once the mold is made, building more kayaks is relatively easy. Fiberglass kayaks are built in layers. The first layer inside the mold is a release agent, which allows the kayak to be separated from the mold. Then gelcoat is applied, which be the outer layer of the kayak and gives it a long lasting finish. Layers of fiberglass and resin complete the fiberglass kayak building process. Once the layers have all hardened, the fiberglass kayak is separated from the mold using compressed air or wedges. Because of its composition, fiberglass must be handled with care, using the proper safety equipment. For those who plan to make many kayaks, fiberglass kayak building is a good option.

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