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Foam Kayak Building


Many people who want to build a kayak might prefer to use fiberglass and Kevlar as a building material because of their weight and durability. Making a kayak using this method used to mean having to first build a mold, which had some unfortunate restrictions. In recent years, though, people have begun using foam kayak building as a way around these restrictions. A foam kayak mold is much easier to a make than other types of molds, and gives the builder more freedom of design. With a foam mold, you do not have to worry about getting the kayak out of the mold. Instead, you shape the mold like the inside of the kayak, build around the mold, then remove the foam from the seating area of the kayak.

In this way, builders can design a kayak to better suit their needs. Ocean kayakers will want a kayak that is longer, while surf kayakers will want a shorter, more maneuverable kayak. Foam kayak building allows the builder to customize their kayak; those with the time and money can even experiment with different designs to see how they perform. Leaving some foam in the kayak also has advantages, such as adding stiffness to your kayak and making it more buoyant. This method of kayak building requires specific materials: foam, obviously, for making the mold and perhaps as part of the kayak; fiberglass or a similar material to form most of the kayak; and resin to finish the kayak. For those looking for freedom in building with these materials, foam kayak building is a good option.

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